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A Tale of Karmic Adventure Told Through the Eyes of Love

Love, Good Karma

With a sudden twist of fate, twenty-one year old Nicki Davis embarks on a journey that will take her far from the life she’s always known. With little more than a suitcase, a spontaneous trip across the Atlantic sets her life on a course of new adventures that will shape the journey to come. Nicki quickly learns the harsh realities of being far from home as people new to her world become unmasked. At her breaking point, Nicki finds the love and strength she needs from a surprising source.


Will her karmic guide help her overcome heartache and learn to trust in love again?  Will she be brave enough to make the necessary bold decisions – or will fear dictate her future?  Join Nicki on this adventure as she searches for light, love, and prosperity on her quest for Good Karma.


Nicki Davis

Inspiring Novelist, Realtor, and Founder of the Joy of Giving

Nicki Davis is an author / real estate agent who lives on Marco Island with her husband, Doug, and beloved companion, Karma. She is the founder of The Joy of Giving Charity which has provided holiday assistance to over one thousand children annually for the past thirty years.  Nicki was awarded the Unsung Hero Award in 2016 and the Humanitarian of the Year in 2009. Good Karma is Nicki’s first book.

A Conversation With Nicki


What made you decide to come to America?

“I was 21 years old and it was an adventure, a holiday vacation that changed my life.”

When did you get the idea for “Good Karma”?

“The idea began after the death of my first dog, Cheena. Weeks had past and the pain was still unbearable. I was in need of a new focus. I had seen my hearts reflection in Cheena’s eyes, and now I wanted to write a story… my story, but never having written a book before it sounded as daft as trying out for the Olympics! At first the idea was centered around “the shadow of my soul”, but in 2008 Karma had another plan for me, my world shifted and it was the start of the first chapter for Good Karma

“Fast forward to May of 2014, the universe was calling. Wayne Dyer was visiting Fort Lauderdale for a Hay House Publishing writer’s workshop. Attendees were arriving from all over the world and I was excited to be there. The workshop gave me structure, ideas, motivation and more.”

What would you say was the most helpful thing you received from attending the workshop?

“My introduction to Kelly Notaras. She took the stress out of what I was trying to do and gave me direction. She introduced me to an incredible group of people including Pat VerducciJulie Colvin, and Sheridan McCarthy.”

When can we expect the book to be published?

“Currently I am working with Meadowlark Publishing Services. Every month is more exciting than the last and with each new chapter I believe 2018 will be a very exciting time for Good Karma

What was the most important lessons learned on your journey?

“Love! The hazards and detours the interruptions and the speed bumps are all part of the journey.”

Who do you look to for inspiration?

“On a daily basis always one of these guys, Deepak ChopraWayne Dyer or Stuart Wilde…. a great line up for an in-spirit trio!” (Nicki laughs)

“If I was to choose one person who’s story inspires my life with accomplishments and humanity I would choose Andre Agassi. His amazing journey to fame and fortune and beyond to become a humble soul searching being is remarkable, and one I believe of Good Karma.

“Imagine the power we could awaken within ourselves, creating a tidal wave of positive change in the world, if each of us followed Nicki’s “Good Karma” principles. The impact would be exponential.  Nicki’s spiritual awareness is evident through all she does.  For our benefit, she has written this wonderfully entertaining book, bringing it to us packaged together like a wondrous gift.  All we need to do is pull off the ribbon and turn the page…  Thank you, Nicki for reminding me to get out of ‘self’ and live ‘Good Karma’!”

 Val Simon – Publisher – Coastal Breeze Newspaper

“I have just read your proposal and it is excellent.   You really know how to put together a clean, clear, detailed, well–written, inviting description and marketing plan.  I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting a publisher or an agent.   I’d be happy to add my name to your list of friends and supporters.  And best of luck!” 

Chris Curle  – Former news anchor for CNN and PBS. Collaborator on the new murder/thriller, DEADLY NEWS.

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